Retrofit automation coating installation

Retrofit of an installation that covers metal with a protective layer, to make it corrosion proof.
The Siemens Step5 program was converted to Step7 and the new S7-416 CPU was integrated.
There was no existing documentation of the old HMI, which meant that a great deal of research had to be done.
A new Siemens MP277 HMI was installed and programmed; with the new software, all important installation parameters and timers can be set up via the HMI. This results in the customer being able to do adjustments himself.
For start-up, production could only be interrupted for 1 week !
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EBP-automation keeps Dutch feet dry

Pumping station Campen pumps water out of the polder to the Scheldt, using 2 pumps.
We are talking about spectacular power and flow rates here ..
One of the diesel engines driving the pumps, kept on running during a power cut. For lack of cooling, the engine had exploded !
The new engine is slow running, asynchronous, 14-pole and water cooled, with a capacity of 400 kW.
The SCADA is accessible via ADSL; when an alarm occurs, the PLC notifies a central station that sends out an SMS.
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Tank Management System Kharg Island

EBP-automation took part in a gigantic project !
The upgrade of an existing tank management system for 10 oil tanks and 4 water tanks.
The installation is linked to a WinCC SCADA which coordinates tank storage and handling between the tanks, jetty's and 4 refineries, which are linked to the tank park.
EBP-automation installed the SCADA PC's: a server and 2 clients.
We put up communication between the SCADA server and the S7 PLC, the Enraf tank management system (via OPC) and the Yokogawa DCS of the refineries (via OPC).
Resulting in a fully integrated system, with which all subsystems can communicate.
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Gas panels for biopharma plant

Genzyme is a pharmaceutical company of American origin, specialized in biopharma.
One of the company's facilities is located alongside the ringroad in Geel.
A bioreactor can be seen as a tank in which the temperature is kept at 37 degrees Celsius.
Gasses are then added to obtain an ideal growth of cells.
For gasses, typically, oxygen needs to be added and CO2 needs to be drained.

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